Monday, March 14, 2011

Wal-Mart's New Coupon Policy

This is directly from

Walmart accepts the following types of coupons (see guidelines below):
The following are guidelines and limitations:
  • Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.
This means that they WILL ALLOW OVERAGE!  I guarantee (and have experienced) that all Wal-Mart employees are not familiar with this policy so taking a copy of the policy is advised.
My sister-in-law and I went to the Wal-Mart at Pawnee and Broadway Saturday night and we were hassled about it.  The manager came over and wasn't very nice about it.  We pulled out our policies and started explaining that this is a recent change that does allow overage (the fact that we had to explain their policy to them is unfortunate in my opinion but... yeah).  The manager was still very hesitant until we stated that we pulled this information directly from their corporate website then he backed off a bit telling the cashier to go ahead and accept our coupons.  My sister-in-law's total was in the negative but to not confuse the cashier anymore, she picked up a package of gum.
So, I don't have experience in getting change back and I'm not really sure how they would do it but, it was nice getting everything I got for $1.50!


  1. most places dont usuall give chance back, but you can just apply the overage to other items. it's a great time to buy meat & produce in which you never have coupons for.
    Now if walmart would double coupons we'd be in business!

  2. We went last night and actually got $3.52 back. We got some Gain, Millstone coffee, milk and hot dog buns. It was pretty exciting! I should have posted a picture.