About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!! 

I'm Lacey.  I'm married to a wonderful, handsome, loving husband.  I'm a mother to two beautiful, smart and funny children.  Our amazing family has lots of challenges and LOTS of good times.  All of us love to goof around and make each other laugh - we definitely put the "fun" in dysfunctional!!  :o)

  Mischievous looking bunch, eh?

Where did I come up with this name??

Stockpiling - I LOVE couponing!  I started couponing in the beginning of 2010 after seeing and hearing about all of my cousin Amy's great deals.  She brought her coupon binder to our family Christmas at the end of 2009.  I was so impressed and intrigued that I bought 2 newspapers that following Sunday then bought my binder later that week.  Amy told me about a blog that listed the deals for some of our local stores so I noted some of the things I needed and thought I could get pretty cheap or WHAT?!?! FREE?!?!  Who would have thought that you wouldn't have to pay full price for things you need like toothpaste, deodorant or toilet paper?!?!   
Fast forward to now - my husband has now joined me in my couponing!  He has a "go big or go home" attitude so our couponing has turned from getting 1 or 2 things here and there to getting 15 packages of ramen noodles during one shopping trip because they are FREE.  We now have a pretty decent stockpile of food and non-food items that could last us several months!

Sunshine - A couple of weeks after my husband and I met, we were driving around in his Ford Tempo.  There was nothing good on the radio so I asked him to sing to me.  He started singing "You Are My Sunshine" and I started blushing.  Since then, that has kind of been "our song".  We sign our notes to each other with a little sunshine, call each other sunshine when we're upset and sometimes, he'll even sing it to me to cheer me up.  That's one of our quirks I guess. I love it!!

I hope that this blog gives you a place to share, save, brag, vent, and enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lacey :o)



  1. That's so sweet (about your husband singing that song to you).

    I'm glad I found your blog!

  2. I'm glad you found it too! It was great getting to meet you today and put a face with a... blog. :o)
    Also, thanks for the great ideas for my blog!!