Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grocery Deals 3/9-3/15/11

Money Saving Mom's Wal-Mart Deals  Wal-Mart is looking good this week!!  :o)

Frugal Fritzie's Dillons Deals

Deal Detecting Diva's Homeland Deals



    Money Makers at Walmart! have you tried out the new policy? A friend of mine was singing praises in Wichita, but not sure what location she went to. I'm scared to try in El Dorado as it seems this town is not very educated in coupon usage.

  2. My mom did tonight... and it worked! Good stuff considering I have like 20 Gain coupons (thanks to Cody and my brother in law... OH and Amber for sitting in the truck with me for hours and dealing with the "full moon")!