Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Target Deals 2/22/11

After a conversation with my mom this afternoon, we decided to make a trip to Target this evening.  There are a lot of good Target coupons on their website right now - making lots of things super cheap.
Here's what I got:

And what did I pay????  $7.17

I got the 2 pairs of jeans for FREE!!  These jeans were marked down to $4.98 and I had a $5 coupon from Target's site. 
The notebook paper was marked down to $0.70. The cheese was $0.29 per bag after a Target coupon and 2 $1/1 peelie coupons (from some cream cheese).  The bleach was $0.47 after Target coupon and the cleaner with bleach was $0.37 after Target coupon.  The mouthwash was $0.39 after coupon and the ibuprofen was free after a Target coupon.  Not bad......

We went to Dillons after we were done with Target and all I bought was some coffee creamer and some reduced meat.  I only saved 37%.  My mom did well though!  Her receipt said she saved 58% so that was good (better than me - she didn't have a problem pointing that out, hehehe).

I'll be back tomorrow to post the weekly grocery store deals (it's DOUBLE DOLLAR WEEK at Leeker's!!!).  Maybe I'll post some pics of my stockpile too??  Hmmm...


  1. Hey Lacey! Awesome that you started a blog! So proud of you and your coupon success! :) We need to get together sometime! Given that I haven't seen you guys since Christmas 2009! wow!

    Ugh, I haven't been to target in over a month! Boo to living so far away from Wichita!

  2. Amy, thank you for your coupon advice!! Did you see that I mentioned you in my "About Me" section? :o)
    I think we need to meet in the middle somewhere and do lunch or something.

  3. Will do Lacey! We are getting ready to move to Augusta at the end of March! We are buying a house (ahh!!!)! My mom will be here March 18th & the following week so we need to get together then. I'd know she'd love to see the kids!