Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Deals 2/11/11

My mom has been on vacation all week and since we were snowed in part of the week, we decided to get out of the house and go shopping (without kids – whoa!).  First we hit up SAM’S.  Mom didn’t really want to go there because really, who wants to visit their job while their on vacation?!  I needed to go to stock up on some meat so I talked her into coming with me.
I got a package of chicken breasts, a package of boneless skinless chicken thighs (for a recipe I saw the other day – I’ll post it when I make it next week), a package of chicken drumsticks, some thin buns, eggs and 2 four packs of Glade Christmas candles that were marked down to $3.91.

Our next stop was Walgreens.  WOOHOO!  My best Walgreens trip EVER!  Here’s what I got:

Wanna know how much I paid?  NOTHING!!  They actually paid me $2 (with a Register Reward)!!
Here’s how (and keep in mind that not all stores have the same clearance items so I don’t know if this scenario can be duplicated):
2 - Scrubbing Bubbles – while browsing the aisles, I came across these with a bright orange clearance tag below them.  The tag said they were $3.49.  I found out at the register that the tag was put in the wrong spot and they were supposed to be $9.99 each!  Anyway, I had 2 $5.00 off 1 ($5/1) coupons that made these free with $1.51 overage.  (I’ll get into the overage thing in a minute…)
5 - Febreeze Flameless Luminaries – these were marked down to $3.79 each.  Again, I had 5 $5/1 coupons that made these free with $1.21 overage.
4 – Hershey Pieces - on sale 2 for $5 with a $2/2 Walgreens instant coupon making them 2 for $3.  I stacked that with a manufacturer’s coupon for $2/2.  I paid $0.50/bag.
2 – Full Bars - these were buy one get one free.  So, they were 2 for $2.98.  I had a $1/1 coupon that made them $0.99 each.
Here’s where it gets weird.  With these items minus the overage, the store actually owed me a refund of $2.10.  They obviously cannot do that so I had to get filler items to bring my total to $0 or more.  There just so happened to be some Reese’s Drops at the register that were 2 for $2 and some Laffy Taffy near the register for $0.10.  That brought my total to $0.  BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  A Register Reward printed from P&G (from the Febreeze things) for $2 off my next order! 
I’m not really too sure that the cashier should have taken off the full $5.00 for the Scrubbing Bubbles and the Febreeze.  The Walgreens Coupon Policy says that the value of the coupon cannot exceed the price of the item. I don’t know if the cashier wasn’t paying attention or what but the register did not beep or anything.  Maybe the face value was acceptable?  I even said what the policy stated and she didn’t change anything.  Hmm…
Anyway, my receipt says that my total savings were $106.74.  AWESOME!!

Our next stop was Dillons.  Mom had just received her Dillons coupons in the mail and was itching to use the free coupons they sent her.  I wasn’t expecting to get much.  Maybe just some of the $0.88 frozen corn since the price of corn just skyrocketed and I also had some stuff I knew I could get for free.  Here’s what I ended up getting:

I paid $31.31 for this stuff!

Oh yeah… and here’s my free stuff from Dillons!  :o)

After our shopping trips, we took Gabby to basketball practice and then went to Genghis Grill and WOW!  If you haven’t eaten there yet, you should!  It was SO good!  Even my picky eater, Dakota, said “I know I got $5 worth! We have to come here again!”
I feel like today was a pretty good day.  Actually it was a GREAT day.  I even got an email from Dakota’s teacher saying how great he was today!  It’s been several weeks since I’ve seen one of those so I was pretty happy to see it.  He was so proud of himself too!  I gave him some free DS time for his great day which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I will probably give him some free time tomorrow during Gabby’s basketball game too – he was pretty good the rest of the evening.
Now, I just anxiously wait for the ads to come out this Sunday so I can plan my next attack!  I plan on linking up the ads so everyone can see the deals and the match ups that my favorite blogs post.  They are SUPER helpful!



  1. That is great! I will be looking forward to your Sunday's ads post. Jordan tried to get me to go to Genghi's grill yesterday..just couldn't get myself to! Is it too much like chinese food?!

  2. It is like chinese food BUT, you have control over what goes into your bowl. You should look at their website It has a list of different kinds of bowl recipes and a list of all the things you can put into your bowl.

  3. Is that G3 Gatorade? If it is... do yourself a favor and use it to unclog the toilet, remove 20 year old wallpaper or even as an octane booster for your car... but whatever you do... don't drink the stuff. It will put an odd look on your face for a week or two. Now, with this being said, I know that Cody will try it anyway. So sit back and watch the good times roll! RoFL

  4. I'll make sure to take a picture of the odd look on his face! :o)